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Central Texas Juneteenth Committee

Mrs. Tami D Johnson-Dawson - Chair
[email protected]

Mr. Lee W Dawson Jr - Co-Chair/Vendor/Logistics
[email protected]

Mr. Lee Wilson  Jr - Vendor/Logistics

Mrs. Tanisha Barnett- Pageant Director
[email protected]

Mrs. Gwen Davis- Parade Director
[email protected]

Mr. Derrick "Teddybear" Batts - KAZI
[email protected]

Mrs. Tonia Thomas - 2K Run & Walk Director
[email protected]

Central Texas Juneteenth Committee
G.E.A.Y.A. Board Members

Mr. James Howard - Founder

Mr. Nat Cannon - Co-Founder/Treasurer

Mr. Lee W Dawson Jr - Vice President/Commissioner

Mr. Lee Wilson Jr - Assist. Commissioner

Mrs. Tami D Johnson-Dawson - Secretary

Mrs. Jackie Crayton - Cheer Coordinator

The Juneteenth Committee was established by the Greater East Austin Youth Association (GEAYA), which consists of volunteers from Businesses and Nonprofit's. As Community Leaders and Activists we are dedicated to the promotion, enhancement and continual growth of the Freedom Day (Juneteenth) Celebration.

MISSION: Our Mission is to create diversity and cultural awareness about Texas African American History through events, educational programs and individual projects. 

GOALS: Our goal is to raise funds for the programs supported by Greater East Austin Youth Association a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which began as a football program but has  now expanded to year around sports activities, mentorship and skills and social training for the disadvantaged youth of Central Texas
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